Your Ripple Effect

September 13, 2021

With our Holiday Giving campaign quickly approaching, we thought it would be helpful to illustrate the scope of your impact when you support a Daymaker giving campaign. Specifically, we invite you to consider your ripple effect:

The items on our wishlists open new pathways into exploration and learning via toys that promote physical movement and books that celebrate racial diversity. Now, excited by the joy in their learning, children will invite their family into their world through the play, dialogue, and wonder sparked by their new toys and books.

Families, then, benefit from your gift as the children share with siblings, cousins, guardians, and extended kin. Even activities designed for solitary play can become materials for cooperative play and intergenerational engagement with curious company.

And, because the toys, books, and supplies have been provided for their child, guardians have one less financial worry. Hopefully, guardians can now be fully present as they experience new worlds together with their children.

Similarly, your gift makes space for the reallocation of valuable financial and human capital for our nonprofit partners. These nonprofits can redistribute funding from school supplies or holiday gifts to their daily operations or their next community-based service. Nonprofits can now afford to imagine a little, too.

In this way, the child's broader community can benefit from your gift — the gift of playful learning and self-expansion. Play builds intergenerational bonds, undergirds collective learning, and forms positive memories. These are all core elements for the type of identity development that will cultivate empathy and innovation.

Finally, you extend our ability to create possibilities for kids nationwide. With your support, we learn new perspectives, invest in more communities, and evolve our commitment to building new worlds. Thank you for your gift to us all!

We are days away from launching our Holiday campaign. We'll be supporting hundreds of companies in cities across the US and Canada! Do you work at a company who would be interested in running a Holiday giving campaign through Daymaker? Email us a note and we'll start a conversation!