The Daymaker journey has concluded

Daymaker has ceased operations and is no longer operating Back-to-School or Holiday giving campaigns.

Our team is proud to have enabled support for world-class nonprofit partners serving children across the country, made possible through the generosity of our corporate partners and donors.

Since our original inception as ‘CommuniGift’ and then through Daymaker, the platform facilitated:

          - $4.4M in donations given to over 28,000 children supported by 163 nonprofit             partners
          - 174 companies and groups participating together
          - Nearly 29,000 individual donors sharing their resources
Please continue supporting Daymaker nonprofit partners

The conditions that created the need for Daymaker unfortunately remain all too prevalent.

We had the immense privilege of partnering with amazing organizations working on the ground to improve the lives of children and families in their communities.

page contains information on our partner network, and we hope you will find ways to continue supporting their work with your time, talent, or treasure.
For companies interested in continuing to give back

Our company partner support has moved to
Percent Pledge, a leading corporate giving & volunteering platform.

We couldn’t recommend them more highly for nuanced and engaging ways to give back.

Click here to request a demo.
Thank you

Daymaker was a project that touched many people’s lives. The entire model relied on contributions from individuals. Thank you for your support throughout this journey and for sharing your resources to empower kids. Our team is grateful for the relationships and shared experiences we were lucky to develop through our time here.

Above all, we thank the leaders from our nonprofit partners who tirelessly share their gifts, time, and energy with their communities. We’ve been continuously awed by their level of intention and care, and we remain immensely grateful for all that they do.