We’re unwrapping joy in two weeks. Here’s the meaning behind our campaign Joy Unwrapped.

October 31, 2022

Two weeks before our campaign Joy Unwrapped launches, we’re sharing the meaning behind it and how you can unwrap joy with us this holiday season. You can sign up to get notified when our campaign opens here.

The more we give, the more we receive.

This is the basis of our 2022 holiday campaign, Joy Unwrapped. It may sound like a platitude, but if we choose to embrace it, it has the opportunity to become a rallying cry. A foundational orientation towards life. A movement towards the world we want.

The more we give, the more we receive. When we orient around generosity and abundance rather than competition and scarcity, our world will change. We will change. When we choose to give more — more of our innate gifts, more of our time and energy, more of our resources — we will receive more joy, connection, and kinship.

We are done with the old ways of giving and philanthropy, with top-down decision making and harmful separation between the roles of “giver” and “receiver.” Instead, we recognize that we all have gifts to share, and we all benefit from acts of generosity — big and small — each and every day.

Joy Unwrapped is connection to community through generosity.

Joy Unwrapped is an invitation to go deeper with us and our giving community.

We invite our donors to go deeper by writing messages of encouragement, connecting to children’s stories, and staying involved with giving and service opportunities for that nonprofit after our campaign ends — ushering in a new wave of connected, transparent giving that brings us closer to each other.

We invite our nonprofit partners to increase their capacity and offer more direct support and resources to their kids by partnering with Daymaker — being uplifted while uplifting others.

We invite our company partners to bring their teams together through the act of giving — bringing connection back to the workplace.

We invite our vendors to reach and inspire more children with their imaginative, inclusive products through our platform — helping children see their gifts reflected in the world.

We invite our children to explore their interests and share their gifts with the world — unlocking the potential for kids to change the world.

Giving and receiving connects us and bring us together.

Joy Unwrapped is a powerful movement made stronger by everyone involved.

This holiday campaign, we’re sharing the joy of creating possibilities for 10,000 children by partnering with nearly 100 companies, 80 nonprofit partners, 20+ vendors, and thousands of donors.

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We invite you to learn a child’s story, purchase presents from their wishlist, and write a message of encouragement as they enter a new year. And in the process our hope is that you will unwrap joy — for children, for yourself, and for the world.

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