We're 30,000 presents from our goal!

December 6, 2022

Because of your support, we’ve been able to give 20,000 presents. Now, it’s time to reach 50,000!

We’re about halfway through Joy Unwrapped.

Joy Unwrapped has always been about the cyclical nature of giving: the more we give, the more we receive. This winter, so many families and children will go without: presents, encouragement, a support system. We don’t believe it has to be this way - and neither do you.

Because of your support so far in this incredible campaign, we’ve been able to give 20,000 presents to so many children. We are blown away by the urgency, generosity, and commitment to opening possibilities for children this holiday season.

But there’s still more joy to unwrap.

Our goal is to give 50,000 presents this winter and we want your help in getting there. We know it’s ambitious. We know there’s only a few weeks left. But we also know that the joy and possibilities that occur when a child feels loved and supported is worth it.

If you’ve already given, we want to profoundly thank you. We also invite you to share the campaign or consider giving again to help us reach this goal. So many families need our support and we believe that the impact we make this holiday season will make a positive ripple effect on so many lives in the years to come.

Keep up the momentum and give or share today.

Cover photo courtesy of Native American Connections

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