Lucky Friday 13th with Daymaker Back-to-School Giving

August 13, 2021

Friday the 13th may be notorious, but we're feeling nothing but lucky about our Back-to-School giving campaign! Our campaign has already inked some exciting moments in this "New Chapter" we are collectively drafting. This chapter is coming together through our efforts to support children across the country during what may be the most pivotal school year of their lifetimes.

To celebrate the occasion, the Daymaker team put together 13 things we're grateful for already from this campaign:

1. We are energized by our new nonprofit partners. We have over 40 nonprofits participating across 27 cities, including 9 new nonprofit partners we're celebrating who joined for this first campaign.

2. We are moved by the kids we are honored to support. We are constantly inspired by the diverse and distinguished personalities and interests of each child, like Penelope from Friends of the Children SF.

3. Daymaker is across the border. Our reach has grown to include companies, nonprofits, and communities in Canada. Welcome to our new nonprofit partners Mooreland Kids and The Good Guides.

4. We're inviting children to explore the wonders of space. Check out the Brown Toy Box astronomy STEAM kit featured on some of our B2S wishlists.

5. We're receiving affirming updates about the kids we've supported. Read the loving energy in this update a nonprofit shared about how things have been going between the campaigns for Destin from Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC.

6. So far we have supported 575 kids during this Daymaker campaign...... and we're just getting started.

7. Those children have been supported by 909 first-time donors on Daymaker. We offer a sincere thank you for stepping into this journey with us and sharing your resources to help make the fall bright.

8. Along with their gifts, donors are writing amazing messages to the kids they're supporting. This donor message from an employee at Bellhop gives us all the feels.

9. And, so does this one from an employee at Indeed.

10. This reflection from an employee of Extreme Reach.

11. This campaign includes over 125 book titles available to be donated! As a team, we are also enjoying the opportunity to experience both new and classic stories. Purchase a book or two for a child today!

12. Authors of some of our favorite new books have us feeling lowkey famous. Do you follow us on twitter yet? Join the conversation!

13. MOST of all...We're grateful to know that we're sending smiles, possibilities, and a whole lot of love to kids across the country as they embark on this new school year! Want to add to our luck and expand the possibilities for numerous kids? Donate and support our Back-to-School giving campaign!