Generosity matters now more than ever.

November 15, 2022

Holiday 2022 is now live.

With the launch of our holiday campaign, Joy Unwrapped, we’re reflecting on what it means to give during times of economic uncertainty.

You can give today here!

Giving and receiving connects us and brings us together.

The looming uncertainty of the future is felt for all of us. We’re sensitive to the fact that budgets and resources are tighter for everyone making the idea of giving feel intimidating. But we believe, as the saying goes, that in trying times, look for the people helping. This isn’t to diminish the difficulties we all inevitably go through, but to recognize that stepping up and being there for one another is the key to a brighter future.

It’s this vision that motives us. It’s the “why” in our mission to give directly to children and non-profits to make a greater, larger impact.

When times are difficult, it’s families and children in need who are disproportionately affected and are forced to have the heart-breaking conversations, the tighter budgets, the loss of opportunity.

This isn’t the future, or even the present moment, we want for any of these families. Which is why, now more than ever, it’s time to lend a helping hand so fewer people must face a harsh reality.

Our holiday campaign is intended to buoy these families. To ensure that they not only make it through the holidays and the unforeseeable future, but to prosper.

We invite you to step up with us. To be a part of those who are helping, who are making a difficult moment easier for someone else. As tight knit communities, we believe that we can make it through whatever is in store and come out the other side with even more possibilities.

Our holiday campaign is now live, and for anyone who is able to, we ask that you give, share, or contribute whatever you can. You do have the power to make someone’s day this holiday season and unwrap joy for those who need it more.

Give today to ensure a brighter future for all: