Curious About What Company Giving Through Daymaker Looks Like?

January 17, 2022

Johanna Penry, People Experience Manager at The Many, charmingly details her company’s virtual Daymaker giving experience amidst the ongoing challenges presented by the pandemic. Penry captures the fullness of the experience by outlining how Daymaker offers company values alignment, location flexibility, and community building.

If you’re curious about what a partnership between your company and Daymaker can entail, Penry’s account offers helpful insight. Just click here to read the full narrative! Penry even shares screenshots from our Slack integration with The Many's social impact channel.

The possibilities ahead for 2022 are endless! We already have some lively projects, enhancements, and collaborations in development. This year, we'll be supporting hundreds of companies in cities across the US and Canada! If you and/or your company is interested in running a giving campaign through Daymaker, email us a note and we'll start a conversation!