Celebrating Apex System's Quarter of Caring

December 13, 2022

Daymaker and Apex are partnering to sponsor and package gifts for children this holiday season.

Our company partner Apex knows that giving is an essential part of team building. The holidays are a perfect time to zoom out on the day-to-day, to let the hard work of the previous year take a deeper meaning in helping those in need.

Quarter of Caring is an annual philanthropy campaign where every Apex Branch and team contributes to a non-profit or cause through an activity or event. Apex offices have two or more philanthropic goals per year, including a team building activity – ideas from all employees on meeting these goals are welcome. For the second year in a row, Daymaker is honored to help bring #ApexGivesBack to life.

This year, we hosted a company volunteer day in our warehouse for the Apex Atlanta office. Fifteen team members came together to help us get generous gifts packed up and ready to ship.

We’ve seen countless times the impact giving can have on an organization - from creating camaraderie and team building to the morale boost of helping others. #ApexGivesBack is an amazing example of the mutually beneficial nature of generosity and volunteerism.

Teams who give together, grow together.

Contribute on Apex's giving page