Behind the Scenes with Brown Toy Box - Full-length Interview

August 16, 2021

For this year’s Back-to-School Giving Campaign we launched a partnership with Brown Toy Box, an Atlanta-based business creating STEAM kits that center Black characters and focus on purposeful play and cultural representation.

Our VP of Products and Storytelling, Ariana Brazier (Dr. Ari), had the chance to interview Brown Toy Box founder and Principal of Play, Terri-Nichelle Bradley. Their dialogue reveals the relationship between play, racial identity, and social justice. Click here for the full interview.

The toy box is where children first begin to develop their imagination and belief about who they are. Together, Daymaker and the Brown Toy Box are expanding the possibilities of play!

In addition to over 75 new book titles, many featuring Black characters as the protagonists, Daymaker wishlists now feature Brown Toy Box STEAM kits! We invite you to explore the wishlists, browse the book titles, and purchase a Brown Toy Box kit for a child today! Just click here!