Anatomy of a Daymaker Wishlist 101

August 27, 2021

Have you ever wondered how a wishlist comes to life?

Great question! Welcome to Anatomy of a Daymaker Wishlist 101.

Anatomy is the study of the structure or internal workings of something.

Here's the simple overview of the internal workings that ultimately create a Daymaker wishlist:

For every campaign, we receive an updated list of children's interests.

From there, age-appropriate toys, games, and books are matched to their interests from nonprofit partners.

Companies partners and donors purchase the items and fulfill the wishlists (and share affirming messages).

The items are packaged and labeled for each individual child before they are shipped to the nonprofit partners.

Finally, the gifts are distributed to the children for play, learning, and development.

In this video, we ask you to adjust your lens and zoom in on the process that undergirds your experience in this giving campaign, as members of the Daymaker team share their role in bringing a wishlist to life. Just like any living thing, when you magnify any particular component of our wishlist, the complexity of its internal operating system is revealed. Thus, each Daymaker team member serves a vital function in the creation a wishlist and the realization of a campaign.

You can have a critical role in ensuring optimal operation, too. As a donor, your gifts and affirmations can breathe life into this ongoing Back-to-School giving campaign. We invite you to invest in the vibrant life growing within our nonprofit partners and their communities!